Miracle League Races Ping Pong Balls at Wild Adventures

VALDOSTA, Ga. – The Miracle League of Valdosta is pitting thousands of ping pong balls against each other on Saturday to support sports programs for children and adults with disabilities.

The Great Ping Pong Race begins at noon at Wild Adventures’ Splash Island Waterpark when hundreds of numbered ping pong balls will flood the park’s Paradise River. Donors can purchase a ball to support The Miracle League and win prizes if their balls cross the finish line first.

“The race was chosen as a way to bring more awareness to what The Miracle League of Valdosta offers but, at the same time, incorporate great companies such as Wild Adventures and over 20 great businesses and restaurants in the area that have joined in on the fun by offering a lot of great prizes,” said Andy Gibbs, Miracle League of Valdosta director. “We are excited to announce that 100 percent of the money raised from this event will go back to The Miracle League of Valdosta to give children and adults with disabilities the opportunity to play organized sports on a 200 foot, two-dimensional, rubberized baseball field.”

The balls for the race were donated by TKO Nissan which is also providing the grand prize: a one year lease of a 2020 Nissan Versa or $2,000 cash. Additional prizes have been provided by Jessie’s Restaurant and Catering, Georgia Beer Company, Valdosta State University and others.

“We are honored to host this event for The Miracle League of Valdosta,” said Adam Floyd, Wild Adventures’ marketing communications manager. “We understand the value of teamwork, and The Miracle League works tirelessly to provide opportunities for everyone to experience just how important teamwork is.”

Balls for The Great Ping Pong Race will be available for purchase at Wild Adventures from 10 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. Saturday morning. Balls can also be purchased online at PingPongRace.com

For more information about The Great Ping Pong Race and The Miracle League of Valdosta, visit ValdostaMiracles.org.

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