Company Vision

Our Vision: Bring Families Closer Together

Our Mission: Creating Memories Worth Repeating®

Our Values

We Greatly Exceed Guests' Expectation

  • With distinctive themed entertainment experiences for every member of the family
  • With genuinely friendly, caring people who take pride in what they do

We Serve Others

  • By working as a team and empowering each other
  • By being accountable to our guests, each other and the communities we serve
  • By Leading with Love; being patient, kind, humble, respectful, trusting, unselfish, forgiving, truthful and dedicated

We Create Emotional Connections

  • By treating guests like a member of our family
  • By providing shared experience that bring families closer together

We Constantly Improve

  • By adapting to our guests' changing expectations
  • By managing safety, security, risks and resources
  • By investing in people and products to produce growth and provide a reasonable return on our investment

All in a Manner Consistent with Christian Values and Ethics

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