The Pumpkin Spice Festival

An all-new glow came to Wild Adventures select days Sept. 24 - Oct. 31, 2021. Great Pumpkin LumiNights lit up the park with thousands of illuminated pumpkins. We hosted entertainment for all ages through the day, including activities such as pumpkin painting, trick-or-treating, and fascinating illusionist shows and a glowing good time into the night. Larger-than-life glowing displays took the shape of some of our favorite wild animals, plus glowing surprises and not-frightful fun that the entire family enjoyed.

Come back next year to see more about 2022 fall time fun!


The Pumpkin Spice Festival Passport is a special item you can purchase that gives you your choice of (5) Pumpkin Spice Festival Food items and an unlimited soda wristband for an average savings of $12.

Current season passholders can purchase a PSF Passport online before visiting the park for $25.99 plus tax. Everyone else can purchase online or on park for $30.99 plus tax.

You can also purchase the Pumpkin Spice Festival Passport Package online which includes (1) single-day admission + (1) PSF Passport for $55.99 plus tax.

Yes. The PSF Passport can be purchased on park by ticket holders and season passholders for $30.99 plus tax.

Once you purchase a PSF Passport, you will receive your passport, along with your unlimited soda wristband, at our VIP Experiences Center, Welcome Center or Ticket Kiosk. It’s important to not enter the park without first receiving your purchased passport.

Eligible PSF Passport items have been separated into (4) categories: Pumpkin-Sized Bites, Spiced-Up Snacks, Tasty Treats and Sweet Sips. With your PSF Passport you have a total of (5) items you can choose from: (1) item from the Pumpkin-Sized Bites list, (1) items from the Spiced-Up Snacks list, (2) items from the Tasty Treats list and (1) item from the Sweet Sips list.

To receive an item, choose one and present your PSF Passport at that location. A team member will hole-punch your PSF Passport to redeem that item and give the item to you. The hole-punches help you keep track of how many items you have left.

Any unused punch may be redeemed on a separate visit. However, admission to the park is required to redeem. The PSF Passport expires 10/31/21.

No. And the PSF Passport expires on 10/31/21.

Due to the nature of this item, PSF Passports are unable to be replaced if lost or damaged to the point where it is unclear how many punches have been used.

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