Great Pumpkin LumiNights


Great Pumpkin LumiNights

Coming Select Dates September 22 - October 29

Guests can explore the glow with a bigger, brighter family adventure! A jungle of jack-o-lanterns will return to South Georgia, including a crop of shimmering sunflowers lighting up the night with incredible glowing pumpkin sculptures! Exploration begins by day by encountering not-so-spooky surprises, like a fun-filled foam party and America's biggest Pumpkin Spice Festival. There will be even more to explore during the biggest and brightest family event in the wild.

We hope you will join again again next fall for more glowing adventures! More information to come soon!

The Wild Glowed Brighter This Fall

A garden of gigantic, glowing sunflowers sprouted up along Water's Edge, stretching up to 8 feet tall! After sundown, they shimmered brightly among our jungle of jack-o-lanterns. Guests discovered even more pumpkin sculptures, including a grinning gator, a super-sized spider and a giant giraffe towering one story tall!

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