NEW IN 2023!

Oasis Outpost

A new 3-acre addition featuring all-new experiences, including an adventurous family ride, immersive animal encounters, a playful water attraction, a fun and unique food location, engaging play zones and other new ways to create memories at our South Georgia theme park.

Explore New Adventures!

Trail Trackers

Kids take the wheel and travel through the custom Leopard Tortoise habitat, putting them face to face with these fantastic herbivore creatures native to Africa, which can live 80 to 100 years.

Misty Springs Soak Zone

The Misty Springs Soak Zone gives families a great way to cool off and relax in the shade with towering mist posts and splash pads.

Paradise Pizza

After adventuring and playing, Paradise Pizza offers a delicious variety of flatbread pizzas and refreshing drinks satisfying all appetites.

New Animal Exhibits

Come face-to-face with prairie dogs and porcupines, and experience one-on-one encounters and have pictures taken with red-footed tortoises. We're excited to announce four NEW animal friends to the area!

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