Dinosaur Explore Dinosaur Explore

Roar into 2024!

NEW! Dinosaur Explore

Discover the wonders of the prehistoric era as you walk among Jurassic giants and uncover mysteries of the past. New in 2024, discover Jurassic giants at Dinosaur Explore. These prehistoric friends are migrating to Wild Adventures to showcase more than 30 giant animatronic dinos that will move and roar as you explore. These life-sized dinosaurs will be in their very own land where guests will be able to gaze up at a giant brachiosaurus and go eye-to-eye with a T-rex, dig for fossils, and more!

Dino Dig Dino Dig

Children and budding paleontologists can dig for fossils and unearth ancient relics at the Dino Dig site within the exhibit.

With its combination of captivating animatronics and interactive learning experiences, this exhibit promises a memorable adventure for families, school groups, and dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages.

Dinosaur Explore Dinosaur Explore

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