Sugar Ray

Wild Adventures LIVE! Amphitheater
April 13
Types: Classic Rock
Performing This Saturday


Beyond sales of ten million records, four top 10 songs, hundreds of millions of streams, and millions of tickets sold, Sugar Ray—co-founded by Mark McGrath (vocals) and Rodney Sheppard (lead guitar)—embody the endless summer of popular music and culture. Their album FLOORED released in 1997 and featured the immortal and inescapable lead single “Fly” and made the band a household name. FLOORED earned the band’s first gold plaque and eventually went double-platinum.

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Awards & Achievements

Billboard's Airplay List No. 1 Hit (“Fly”), Certified Platinum Album (Floored)

Fun Facts

The band’s original name was Shrinky Dinx, which was changed to avoid a lawsuit from the Milton Bradley Company.

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