Black Bear

(Ursus Americanus)

Find Me In
Alapaha Trail


North America and Northern Mexico Forest and Woodlands

Did you know bears have poor eyesight but they have an excellent sense of smell?  Black bears have a great sense of smell and hearing and are powerful swimmers and agile climbers. Black bears can also run up to 25 miles per hour.  The black bear hibernates between five to seven months each year usually in small caves, crevices, or geological features. During hibernation, its body temperature falls to 88 degrees F., from a normal 101 F. The frequency of the bear’s heartbeat decreases to about 50 percent of normal with other body functions diminished by 40-50 percent.

Things To Know

Insects, Berries, Fruits, Eggs, Fish, Rodents, Honey, Vegetables And Fresh Meat


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