Bengal Tiger

(Panthera Tigris)

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Across the Asian continent, from Russia to North Korea and China, to Southeast Asia, all the way to the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

Wild Adventures existing tiger habitat has been renovated to include a new viewing area that allows guests to step into the habitat and come face-to-face with the parks tigers.

The tiger is a nocturnal hunter and will not share its range with other tigers. It will use its teeth, like its ancestor the saber-toothed cat, as a vital tool in hunting. When the tiger makes a kill, it will store leftover prey under brush or bury it under loose leaves until it can return to feed again. Males will leave all the cub rearing to the females. A cub is ready to hunt on its own at 18 months but will stay with its mother for two to three years.

Things To Know

Tigers Are Carnivores And Prey Upon Animals Such As Elk And Wild Boar


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