3-Acres of New Adventures

Featuring 6 Kid-Friendly Rides, the 21-foot Gator Bridge suspended over 100 alligators and the Alligator Nursery where you can see tons of baby gators!

Find these and more kid-friendly rides on your next adventure!

Gator Bridge

Gator Bridge

Brave Alligator Adventurers of all ages can walk across the rope bridge suspended above our gator pond. Do you dare to cross?


Gator Holding

Hold A Gator

Check out over 100 alligators in Alligator Alley and even hold one yourself! You can also feed the gators in the pond a snack when you buy a small bag of gator food to toss over the fence.

Discovery Outpost Rides

Six Kid-Friendly Rides

Go for a whirl aboard our Flying Gators, or bounce along on The Hoppin' Gators. Want more? Zig and zag on Swampwater Snake kid's coaster. Find these and more kid-friendly rides on your new adventure in 2020.


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Alligator Alley

Alligator Alley

Get up close and personal with dozens of alligators from babies to juveniles to young adults. Learn about these fascinating friends during keeper talks and live shows. There are sure to be a few new critter friends to meet along the way.
Baby Gators

Gator Nursery

See how Mr. Twister, the granddaddy of all of our gators got his start as a little baby gator. Visit our smallest friends inside the Gator Nursery.


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