Seasonal Date

Critters Unearthed

The Fearmaker is always at work summoning anything and everything which can incite horror, including the repulsive beasts small in size but ...

September 23 - October 29

Lakeside Showplace

Fearmaker's Gathering

As night falls, so the frightful shall ride – shamans cackling, werewolves howling, and mutants sweeping in with the tide. ...

September 23 - October 29

Lonestar Stage


Don’t be afraid to laugh at this musical comedy featuring our very own Crunch and Pounce!

September 24 - October 30

Lakeside Showplace

Adventure Parade

TOGETHER, we are fun at heart and TOGETHER we will create a bright and colorful parade created by and featuring our guests!

Butterfly Garden

Critter Kitchen Talk

Meet one of our keepers at the Critter Kitchen (beyond the Adventure Carousel) to learn even more about...

Critter Kitchen

Crunch & Pounce

Start your day of adventures with Crunch & Pounce at the park entrance!

Wild Adventures

Dinosaur Meet & Greet

Get UP-CLOSE to a dinosaur by the Dino Dig!  Bring your cameras - when else can you get a picture with a life-size dino?!

Dinosaur Explore

Fun Squad

The Fun Squad brings the party to life right in the streets!

Wild Adventures


This up-close, fun and immersive alligator show will delight guests of ALL ages!

Creature Feature Theater

Giraffe Feeding

What a unique experience! Get up close to our giraffe!

Giraffe and Elephant Overlook

La Rumba

Join the daytime dance party!

Splash Island

Lion Keeper Talk

Meet one of our keepers at the lion exhibit to learn about our adorable, new lion cubs!

Wild Adventures

Little Kids Big Top

Join the circus!

Lonestar Stage

Scott's All New Crazy Magic Show

Enjoy and take part in this NEW interactive comedy and magic show featuring Dale Scott. 

Lakeside Showplace

Snake Keeper Talk

Meet one of our keepers at the new snake exhibit to learn about our new reptile friends!

Bear Den

Squirrel Monkey Keeper Talk

Meet one of our keepers at the squirrel monkey exhibit to learn about our oh-so-social and adorable monkey friends!

Squirrel Monkeys

Wild Adventures

Tigers of India

Be amazed as man and tiger share the same arena in this award-winning show!

Tigers of India Theater

Water Works

Watch as crazy plumbers attempt to fix the park's plumbing.

Wild Adventures