Twisted Typhoon

Picture yourself racing over twisted steel in a whirlwind of speed that will take your breath away. Find yourself upside down a dizzying seven times as you fly through the loops and spins of the Twisted Typhoon. Deceptively quiet as you walk by, the coaster barely whispers as it roars through the twists and turns of its looping track.
*Twisted Typhoon is temporarily closed at this time. We are working closely with the German manufacturer to troubleshoot performance issues with the ride. Our engineers will continue to investigate and we will work to get the TT up and running as soon as possible. Once repairs are completed, the ride will go through rigorous safety testing before it is put back into operation. We know how important our rides are to your visit and we apologize for this disappointment, but we have high standards for the safe operation of every ride that must be met.