Other Attractions


Adventure Golf

Take a break from the thrills for 18 holes of Adventure Gofl!

Wild Adventures

Adventure Quest Raceway

Feel the need for speed on a track with hairpin turns and loads of fun.

Wild Adventures

Over 44"


Test your skill on dozens of arcade games like skee-ball and pin ball!

Wild Adventures

Butterfly Garden

Walk-through a 3,000 square-foot garden full of hundreds of Monarch and Painted Lady butterflies. 

Wild Adventures

Critter Kitchen

On certain days and times, meet one of our keepers at the Critter Kitchen...

Wild Adventures

Dockside Games

Grab your friends and dare them to take you on in a fun game. Win some great prizes and even greater - bragging rights!

Wild Adventures


It doesn't get any higher or faster than the skydiving, hang gliding fun of Geronimo.

Wild Adventures

Over 42"

Giraffe Feeding

Come experience an up-close and personal encounter.

Wild Adventures

Play Spots

Play Spots give you the chance to discover NEW family fun TOGETHER with life-size games and wacky challenges.

Wild Adventures

Safari Petting Zoo

Step inside an area filled with baby animals just waiting to be ooohed and ahhed over.

Wild Adventures

The Birdhouse

A giant birdhouse filled with numerous colorful, exotic birds.

Wild Adventures