Terror in the Wild

Thanks for a bone-chilling Terror in the Wild this year! We hope you can take the next few months to build up the courage to experience all of the horror again in 2020!

Carn-Evil 3D Maze

CarnEvil 3D Maze

Come on down! The carnival is in town! Grab your friends and pile into a topsy-turvy maze where up is down, down is up, and the laughter never… ever… stops. Don’t let fear take hold as your world spins out of control. Will you find a way out of the Carn-Evil 3D Maze?



It’s the end of the world as you know it, and you’ve been meandering through an overgrown landscape in the hope of finding a safe place to rest your bones. Now, you’ve stumbled across an encampment of people who have managed to find a way to survive in this bleak wilderness. But did they really...survive? There’s danger and decay around every corner. Will you survive the Wasteland?


Red's Revenge


Experience the next chapter of a story you thought you knew. The wolf with the big teeth was hungry for her grandmother. Now, she is hungry… for revenge.

Final Harvest


It’s time to gather the fruits of your labors, but the scarecrows that have protected your crops all season have something else in mind. They’re on the hunt, and these scarecrows are looking for more than just brains. Will this be your Last Harvest?

Last Harvest
The Mine

The Mine

The miners worked long days and even longer nights. They shouldn’t have dug any deeper. But something was calling to them. As they got closer, their minds fell into madness. Travel into the heart of this abandoned mine to discover what created these Maniac Miners.

Camp Hackaway

Camp Hackaway

Welcome to the best summer camp your parents were willing to pay for. There’s plenty of activities, including swimming, boating, archery, and hours of pretending everything is just fine. Ignore the sounds of screams and chainsaws echoing through the trees. The camp counselors with the dead eyes are there to take care of you. Get ready for the best, and maybe last, summer of your life. Welcome to Camp Hackaway!

The Price is Fright

The Price is Fright

Are you brave enough to be a contestant on The Price is FRIGHT? Spin the wheel and test your fate during this Halloween game show featuring creepy crawlers and more!

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“The price was just right. The Terror in the night attraction was awesome. There was no more than five to ten minutes wait for rides. Had an awesome time bought season passes it was our first time there definitely not our last.”

Google Reviewer, Tina Dufur, 8 October 2019

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“I love this park! Very friendly staff, great rides and even reasonable prices. They have rides for all ages. Enjoy!”

Trip Advisor Reviewer, 15 April 2019

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“This is the BEST place EVER for a vacation. Amazing value for a fun day. EVERYTHING u can imagine for a theme park. We never get through it all. A family favorite!!”

Google Reviewer, Andrea Anderson, 8 October 2019

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