Ohana Bay Progress

Ohana Bay is FINALLY here and open select days!  You can check out the whole building process below and check out the up-to-date info on the Splash Island Rides Page, but you HAVE to come play at the Bay for yourself!

Splash Facts

  • Ohana is the Hawaiian word for family.  We're calling it OHANA BAY, but you'll call it a water-soaked escape your family can't get enough of!
  • It's an all-new area in Splash Island Waterpark beside Hakini Rapids and Kona Cliffs
  • 5 of the 7 slides are just right for the smaller surfers in your group to race to the big splash!
  • The bigger kids can speed down slides with 200 feet of twisting, turning fun from 27 feet high
  • Mom and dad can kick back and relax in additional seating around the Bay while they watch the kids having a great time.
Ohana Bay is Here!

March 22

A View From The Top

Now that the concrete is dry we jumped at the chance to climb to the top of Uli Uli Twisters – 30 steps high - and check out the view YOU will soon be enjoying! Just a few finishing touches and adding refreshing WATER are needed before YOU can soak up the fun at Ohana Bay. 2017 Season Passholders get to see the end result FIRST this weekend at the exclusive Ohana Bay Passholder Preview Party! Want the first chance to splash? Make sure you have your 2017 Season Pass

March 14

Everything is Sliding into Place!

Now that the towers have been built, your soon-to-be favorite new water slides at Ohana Bay can be assembled! Just think- soon YOU and your family will be racing down those drops and swooshing around those curves!

March 7

Transformation Tuesday

It’s #TransformationTuesday!

Watch the GIF to see the construction progress we’ve made at Ohana Bay! We still have a ways to go before we can splash and play, but we do have some SLIDES (watch all the way to the last slide)! More pictures coming soon- check back for weekly updates. Want to be one of the first to play at the Bay? We’re throwing an exclusive Passholder Preview Party on March 25th, 2017! Get in on the party and UNLIMITED splashes for 2017 with a Season Pass – NOW up to $15 off.

March 1


We’re Getting Ramped Up!

Now that Ohana Bay’s new home is cleared out, we’ve started to pave the way for new summertime thrills!  This is the start of the ramp that all of Ohana’s Bay slides will be connected to!  The next step is laying the concrete for the ramp and flattening out the splash pad so the slides can be built and the memories can be made!  Are you getting ramped up for wet and wild fun?  We can’t wait for you to play at the Bay on April 1st!

February 21

February 13

Ohana Bay pipes

Installing the Pipes

We're trying to pipe down and contain our excitement... it's all coming together so beautifully and we can't wait to see you playing in the bay!  Soon, these 20ft pipes will be pumping about 4,000 gallons PER MINUTE through Ohana Bay.  They play the important role of supplying and returning the 16,000 gallons of water throughout the bay and are being placed in the ground this week!  

February 6

Ohana Bay

And THIS is the BIG PICTURE of Ohana Bay! What started as a dream for a Hawaiian oasis right here in South Georgia is now becoming a reality. Take it all in and soak it up – this is your first look at the new water-soaked escape being built inside Splash Island Waterpark! Starting with Alani Falls, these side-by-side racing slides are perfect for friends of all ages to sprint towards the splash at the bottom. Beside Alani Falls is our taller, faster racer: Polu Plunge! Once you’ve mastered the drops of our brand new racer slides, you’re ready to get drenched in the high-bank twists of Oma Oma O Racers! And as if THAT’S not enough, the Big Kahunas will be greeted by the winding waves in our Uli Uli Twisters. Sure to make a SPLASH this summer… Ohana Bay is bringing you new thrills starting April 1st!

January 31

Room to Grow!

Your whole family can grow up with us here all while you watch on as the memories are made!  And the new shade and seating under 100-foot umbrellas makes the on-looking that much better!  There’s an adventure for every age at Ohana Bay making it a gnarly starting spot for your group before venturing on to the bigger water adventures of Hakini Rapids and Kona Cliffs right next to your family’s new favorite oasis.  It’s the PERFECT to spot to grow together.

A closer look…

Here’s a closer look at the BIG SPLASH your family will make at Ohana Bay this summer!  The smaller swimmers in your group will love our fast-paced, racer-ready Alani Falls with quick, short drops to the shallow splash deck.  And if speed is what you’re looking for, faster thrills await you on the 50-foot Polu Plunge gushing 150 gallons of cool water per minute!

On to Bigger Things.

Once they’ve mastered the rush of those waves, your grade school guppies compete for thrills and chills on the quick turns of the Oma Oma O Racers while the Big Kahunas get spun in almost 1,500 gallons of water per minute in a back to back compound of curves on our Uli Uli Twisters!

January 24

Forming the Foundation of FUN!

Construction has officially begun here at the future home of Ohana Bay, and we are building the fun from the bottom up!  These concrete pillars are the foundation of not only the new slides but of all the summer memories to be made! Don’t worry- they’re going to get MUCH taller and soon will secure some of your new favorite water slides! Sun-soaked, water-filled, fast-paced summer fun awaits you- WATCH OUT BELOW!
Adding Amenities

Full of Convenience and Comfort!

These new bathrooms are just a few of the amenities being added to Ohana Bay to make it feel like a Hawaiian Heaven!  Sun, fun, and family memories… Everything you need for a wet and wild summer is right here!  We can’t wait to see you on April 1st!

January 17

Ohana Before

Here's a Throwback...

Let us jog your memory... You may have seen these two buildings from the top of Kona Cliffs or when you were at the All-Star Amphitheater.  They were in the background of some of your favorite family memories and now this area will be your favorite place to create new ones!

Piecing it all Together...

Right now this is just small pieces of the BIG FUN coming to Ohana Bay! Imagine these colors flashing in front of your eyes, the South Georgia sun beating down on you, and cold water splashing around you as you compete against your friends on our brand new Racer Slide! Sliders (and their hearts) will be RACING to reach the bottom first!

Welcome Home!

Ohana Bay will be your new home for slipping and sliding for glory and thrills! This is what summertime memories at Wild Adventures are made of! Stay tuned for more weekly updates on how Ohana Bay is going to drench your summer with fun!