Church Fundraiser

Raise money for your next mission trip or a construction project at your church. And do it by selling something everyone wants: Wild Adventures tickets!

Here's how it works:

  • Your church agrees to purchase at least 25 Wild Adventures admission tickets at the deeply discounted price of $31.
  • Decide what your sale price is going to be. We suggest $38, which is an $11 discount and better than any other offer in the marketplace.
  • Set a goal!
    • If you sell 25, you will make $275.
    • If you sell 100, you will make $1,110!
  • Promote the sale in the church bulletin, by e-mail or announcements. Be sure to remind folks to bring their checkbook or cash on the days of your sale.
  • Fundraising tickets are valid through December 30, 2018 with no restriction, so there is still plenty of time to visit.
  • Consider trying to organize a (your church name here) Day at Wild Adventures where everyone goes on the same day. (picnic and other meal options available from our group sales department).

In Georgia contact:
Fred Hoffman

In Florida contact:
Hudson Wood