Welcome to the blog!

Wild Adventures is a big place to explore. There's thrilling rides, exotic animals, amazing concerts, unique foods and epic splash downs. So, it's no surprise that some visitors miss out on experiencing everything the park has to offer.

Well, the Wild Adventures Blog is here to fix that.

First, the Wild Adventures Blog needs a new name (Blog seems very 2005, right?). Please visit our Facebook Page to submit your favorite title!

welcome to the blog - better name

Once that pesky title is taken care of, the Wild Adventures Blog will be the destination for inside information about park events, special stories about our animals and team members and tips to make your Wild Adventures visit the best it can be!

"But wait," you say. "I've grown up with Wild Adventures. I know everything there is to know."

Do you?

Did you know you have a chance to win 4 Wild Adventures Gold Season Passes for the next 5 years?

Do you know how to get special discounts on food and merchandise throughout the park?

Do you know how our Meal Deals work?

Do you know which Wild Adventures animals you can meet face-to-face?

Did you know that Splash Island was just given a multimillion dollar addition?

Did you know colossal insects are about to take over Wild Adventures?

Did you know there's a Wild Adventures guest who has been to every one of our concerts? (That's a lot of concerts).

If you weren't able to answer some of those questions, then you'll definitely want to be a regular Wild Adventures Blog reader. Whether you're a new visitor or a long time guest, you'll find new, interesting and useful information right here on the Wild Adventures Blog, which will have a much better name soon (Don't forget to vote!).

Next week: Remember that whole winning 4 Gold Season Passes for 5 years thing? Well, you're going to learn all about it.