Three new locations to “Find Our Hearts” in 2018!

If you've never played Wild Adventures' "Find Our Hearts" Scavenger Hunt, you're missing out. Every month we hide a handful of hearts throughout the park for your family to find, and every month we pick a winner. And that's not even mentioning the grand prize: four gold season passes for the next five seasons.

I know. We couldn't believe it either.

To help give new players a leg up on the competition, we've got the inside scoop on where you might find some new hearts during the 2018 season!

#1. MEGABUGS! Adventure Encounters


Of course we couldn't resist placing a heart at the biggest thing to experience this year!

At the park just for 2018, MEGABUGS! is an immersive and interactive experience, the kind that'll get you up close with some massive creatures -- like the 15-foot Emperor Scorpion, or the 50-foot Madagascan Fire Millipede!

The winding path to follow as a "bugologist" makes the perfect spot for a hidden heart, especially since so much heart went into creating this new area for guests!

#2. Splash Island Waterpark's Toucan Exhibit


Even if you've never played our scavenger hunt, we're positive you've been to our waterpark. How could you not? It's got more than a million gallons of fun for the whole family and plenty of waterslides to splash down!

And even though we just added an expansion in 2017 with Ohana Bay featuring new water rides and plenty of shaded seating for parents, we've got something new for 2018: Rita and Marty in our brand new Toucan Exhibit!

A heart will most definitely show up at their exhibit during the season, and her zookeepers will tell you that she's well worth the visit!

#3. Bee Bop's New Location


The funniest thing happened when our MEGABUGS! began moving in -- apparently, the bees at Bee Bop decided they were "mega" enough to fit in with the new colossal critters, and flew off without a word to anyone!

They've since found a cozy spot for themselves near the scorpion and hercules beetle, and we honestly don't have the heart to shoo them back the way they came. So, with that in mind, you can expect a heart to find its way to Bee Bop's new location, just as the bees did!



There you have it -- three new locations to find our hearts scattered throughout the park! All are available for you to encounter with a park admission or a season pass, which could be yours for the next five seasons if you win big as our next grand prize winner!