Moms Board

Moms Board

The Wild Adventures Moms Board helps shape the park for guests by providing insight, ideas, feedback, as well as:

  • Preview new attractions/plans for the park
  • Provide ideas for enhancing the guest experience
  • Help shape special events and provide concert suggestions
  • Spread the word about Wild Adventures by creating social network content
  • Help Wild Adventures understand vacation, entertainment trends, etc. from a mom's perspective

Moms Board members serve on two year terms and meet approximately two times each season at the park. You will be asked to visit the park, on a regular basis, with your family to experience all aspects of the park and be an active participant in eact meeting.

Would you like to help provide feedback to the park by participating on the Wild Adventures' Moms Board?  Contact for an application or more information.

All applications must be received by June 28, 2015 to be considered for the upcoming term.


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Save up to $15 on your 2016 Season
Pass and get up to FOUR Bring-A-Friends!





NEW fun begins March 12!NEW fun begins March 12!



The 2016 Season begins Saturday,
March 12th with dinosaurs, new
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Special rates are available for groups who book in advance!Special rates are available for groups who book in advance!

Special rates for groups that
book in advance.  Bring your
group to the park!