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Can we bring our own food into the park?
Can you pay for food with a credit card or check?
What if I have a medical condition that keeps me on a certain diet?
Can we bring drinks into the park?
Do you have drinking fountains?
Do you have a picnic area?
Can we bring our own grill?
What types of food are offered at Wild Adventures?
Do you have vegetarian options at the park?
What does a typical meal cost?
Do you serve alcohol?
Do you have straws?

Can we bring our own food into the park?
No outside food or drink may be brought into the park, aside from baby food. Restaurants and concessions are available throughout the park with a variety of food and beverage options. We understand that our guests may have special dietary needs based on health or religion and provide picnic tables in the parking lot area to accommodate those who wish to bring and enjoy their own meals.

No large coolers are allowed inside the park.

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Can you pay for food with a credit card or check?
All locations accept cash and most of our locations will accept credit cards or debit cards backed by a major credit card (Visa or MasterCard) with a valid photo ID. Checks are not accepted for food purchases.

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Please call Guest Services to make arrangements at (229) 219-7080.
We allow 1 sealed bottle of water per person in the park. Water fountains are available around the park. Bottled water may be purchased at vending machines, food locations and most gift shops.
No hardsided and/or large coolers are allowed inside the park.
Yes, we have drinking fountains in 13 different locations in the park.
Yes, we have a picnic area in front of the main entrance in a grassy, shaded area of the parking lot. However, it does not have a grill.
No, due to liability and fire issues, grills are not allowed.
Wild Adventures offers a variety of delicious foods for every type of appetite!  Visit our dining and shopping section for information on park food offerings.
Several locations throughout the park offer vegetarian food items such as cheese pizza and salads.
You can expect to pay between $8-$12 per meal, including your drink.
Alcohol is not served or permitted at Wild Adventures.
No. For the safety of our animals we do not provide plastic straws with beverage purchases. However, our souvenir cups come with a sturdy, reusable straw. Refills on current season souvenir cups are 99 cents and refills on all previous season souvenir cups are $1.99.


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