Terror in the Wild

Friday and Saturday nights September 22 - October 28

Keep watching here for future Terror in the Wild details.  See below for details on 2016's terrifying fun...

*The park transitions into Terror in the Wild from Kid-O-Ween starting at 6:00 PM and rides are in operation but the Terror in the Wild attractions and scare zones open and begin at dusk which is around 8:00 PM.

*Please note: Guests visiting for Terror in the Wild are prohibited from wearing costumes and masks.


Attraction: Drained

There’s a chill down there in the cool underground, but it’s hard to say if it’s the night air giving you goosebumps or a sixth sense tingling in the back of your mind…

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Lost Land

Attraction: Lost Land

It’s a deafening silence that you’ve stumbled into, and you hope it means you’ve escaped the last of the monsters chasing you. You wonder if it’s a bad sign – if there’s a reason that the creatures didn’t follow – but the crisp autumn air...

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Camp HackAWay

Attraction: Camp Hack-A-Way

Camp Hackaway just can’t catch a break. After maintenance man Leonard Tyson’s murderous rampage that closed it down, locals whispered that the sudden interest in reopening the old campground was too good to be true. Unfortunately, your parents didn’t share the same suspicions...

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Clown Chaos

Attraction: Clown Chaos

Husky giggles echo from within this sinister three-ring, and flashes of painted faces in the shadows give you pause. They’re clowns – dozens of them...

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Critters Unearthed

Experience: Critters Unearthed

Show Location: Lakeside Showplace | Time: TBA
The Fearmaker is always at work summoning anything and everything which can incite horror, including the repulsive beasts small in size but large in terror...

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Fearmakers Gathering

Experience: Fearmaker's Gathering

Show Location: Lonestar Stage | Time: TBA
As night falls, so the frightful shall ride – shamans cackling, werewolves howling, and mutants sweeping in with the tide. They follow the command of he who calls: the Fearmaker...

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Ghouls and Giggles Express

Experience: Ghouls & Giggles Express

Take a break from the ghoulish and vile – come, step aboard, and have some fun for a while! Join a grinning conductor as he spirits his train away...

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Malice In Terrorland

Experience: Malice in Terrorland

It’s a terrible scene you’ve wandered into, and now that you’re here, you’re not quite sure what to do. A red queen is furious, but the girl in blue is giggling as the...

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Revenge of the Misfit Toys

Scare Zone: Revenge of the Misfit Toys

Awful things happen to toys left to rot, and tonight they’ve crawled out of their dark corners to reave what they’ve lost. You won’t hear them coming – they’ve long learned how to ...

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Swamp Magic

Scare Zone: Swamp Magic

If you can hear chanting, it’s already too late. By now you’ve overstepped the boundary line between safe and sane, and unknowingly entered their territory. Another awkward step forward makes...

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Grave Encounters

Scare Zone: Undertaken

Think twice before visiting this eerie cemetery on a dare – there’s a full moon out tonight and you’ve heard the stories that the locals like to share. Still, if you’re keen on entering this spooky scene...

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Vortex Tunnel

Scare Zone: Vortex Tunnel

Escape won’t be found in this twisted tunnel, but the hypnotizing glare might distract the creatures at your heels long enough to make...

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