Media Pass Policy

Wild Adventures welcomes working news media to experience our exciting theme park. Our media admissions policy is designed to provide working news media the opportunity to become familiar with this unique theme and entertainment park's many angles for feature articles (either print or broadcast). It also enables working media an opportunity to enjoy the park with immediate family members who might be traveling with them. This courtesy is extended only to active members of the news media (see detailed list below), and does not include office, sales or retired personnel. The qualifying news media representative MUST accompany his or her party to the park. Identification in the form of a photo ID or news media ID (press card or business card) is required to pick up tickets.

The media passes are limited to four (4) per person per season.  The news department employee must be a part of the party visiting the park.  Only news department employees are eligible; promotions and advertising personnel are encouraged to call their marketing contact at the park for inquiries about tickets.

Publisher, Reporter, Editor, Photographer, Webmaster

Owner, Program Director, General Manager, News Reporter, News Director, On-Air Personnel, Assistant News Director, Producers

Owner, News Reporter, General Manager, Producer (non-advertising), News Director, On-Air Personnel, Assistant News Director, Field Producer, Program Director, Videographer, Assignment Editor, Production (non-advertising)

All requests for media tickets must be arranged through Wild Adventures' Public Relations Coordinator. Working news media should determine the exact date of their visit before calling (229) 219-7080 or emailing All requests must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance of the day you plan to visit; the Public Relations Office is closed on the the weekends.

To obtain complimentary tickets for Wild Adventures prior to visiting, news media and their guests should visit the Will Call Location located at the front of the park. A media or photo ID will be required for proof of identification.

Camera and film crews (including still photography) must be escorted by a Wild Adventures representative at all times while working in the park. Wild Adventures is happy to provide special assistance as needed for transporting equipment and supplies to locations throughout the park; however, no motorized vehicles can be used to transport equipment on park grounds when the park is open to the public during operating hours.

Working Visits

To expedite each media assignment and confirm that appropriate park personnel is available as needed on the specific day of a media visit, news media members covering specific park stories must request interviews and photo sessions in advance through the PR department when making their request for admission tickets. Specific instructions regarding interviews/photo sessions will be provided prior to park arrival, and the PR department will make every effort to help facilitate any unusual requests. In order to successfully coordinate interview/ photo sessions, working media should provide specific requests related to the following questions:

  • Will an interview/photo shoot be required?
  • Will team members or guests be interviewed/photographed?
  • What is the nature of the interview/photo shoot?
  • Approximately how long do you anticipate the interview/photo shoot taking?
  • Any special needs such as electricity, phone line, extra security, etc.?
  • Can Wild Adventures help by supplying photos, video footage, specific background materials, or press materials?

Family members will not be allowed to accompany media during interview and photo sessions.

For all working requests, please contact Public Relations Coordinator Micha Hogan at or 229-219-7114.

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