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Why Work For Us

We work where people go to vacation!  It is our pleasure to serve guests from the areas of Albany, GA, Valdosta, GA, Savannah, GA, Tallahassee, FL, Jacksonville, FL and all the regions in between. Whether you're looking for a summer job, starting a career or have years of experience, we have a job for you!

We Create Memories Worth Repeating®

We Greatly Exceed Guests’ Expectations

  • With distinctive themed, entertaining experiences for every member of the family
  • With genuinely friendly caring people who take pride in what they do

We Serve Others

  • By working as a team and empowering each other
  • By being patient, kind, humble, respectful, selfless, forgiving, honest and committed

We Create Emotional Connections

  • By treating guests like a member of your family
  • By providing shared-experiences that bring families closer together

We Constantly Improve

  • By adapting to our guests’ changing expectations
  • By managing safety, security, risk and resources
  • By investing in people and products to produce growth and provide a reasonable return on our investment

All in a manner consistent with Christian values and ethics

We strive to promote 70% from within!  Our employees have countless opportunities to grow personally and professionally.


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Save up to $20 on your 2016 Season Pass! Save up to $15 on your Season Pass now and get up to FOUR Bring-A-Friends!


Save up to $15 on your 2016 Season
Pass and get up to FOUR Bring-A-Friends!





NEW fun begins March 12!NEW fun begins March 12!



The 2016 Season begins Saturday,
March 12th with dinosaurs, new
wacky challenges & more!


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Special rates are available for groups who book in advance!Special rates are available for groups who book in advance!

Special rates for groups that
book in advance.  Bring your
group to the park!