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2014-2015 Education Days
Teacher Resources

Dear Teachers, Administrators and Education Coordinators:

Wild Adventures Theme Park is proud to offer your classrooms the opportunity to explore our living classroom. Wild Adventures serves as an excellent destination for groups to become an active part in the area of Life Science, Physics, Math and more.
We are pleased to offer your group an experience that will last a lifetime and allow your students to become an active participant in the subjects of animal habitats, behaviors, life cycles, and conservation.
We offer Teacher and Student Guides to make the most of your experience in the park. Our guides include pre and post activities, as well as activities to be completed during your park visit.  The teacher guide includes lesson plans and objectives to prepare your students to meet the state requirements in your area.
We hope that you and your students find your day at Wild Adventures Theme Park to be an educational as well as an entertaining experience.

Thank you and enjoy!
Wild Adventures

Pre and Post Trip Guides for Teachers


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