Achievement and Recognition

 Motivate Your Students with Fun!

Step 1:

You set the criteria: grade point average, homework completion, acceptable tardiness, acceptable absences, or any other academic or behavioral goals.

Step 2:

You choose the date: select from Education Days for special $25 pricing and meal options. The 2017 Education Days Calendar is HERE

Step 3:

Wild Adventures provides your school with the collateral that you need to promote the program (posters, flyers, email graphics, etc.)

Step 4:

Announce the contest via assembly (video’s available), flyer or letter home. Click here for an example of a flyer!

Step 5:

Document the progress and reward those students.

Here’s what Wendy Dauphinee of Richmond Hill, Georgia had to say about the program:

"Our students became more aware of their absences and started coming to school on a regular basis. They didn't want to go over the maximum number of days because they wanted to be eligible for the trip."

2017-2018 School Group Registration Form

For questions, please call (229) 219-7080. We'll be happy to walk you through best practices in executing and maximizing the program!