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2014 Wild Adventures in Education


Introduce your students to a 170-acre outdoor classroom filled with educational adventures.  Ever heard of a hissing cockroach?  Do you know the different between a vertebrate and an invertebrate?  Want to find out which one of our coasters is the fastest?  Our programs include the practical application of common classroom topics in a unique setting.

Designed to make your job easier, our programs are constructed to meet state standards in Georgia, Florida, and Alabama.  Ready-to-use lesson plans are available to download for all grades. (E= Elementary School, M = Middle School, H=High School, A= All Grades)

Basic Lesson on Heredity - Appropriate for 3rd - 8th grade learning about enherited traits. Lesson Plan

Common Core - Force in Motion - Appropriate for 3rd grade learning about force in motion. Lesson Plan

Zoo Visit - Extension Activity - Appropriate for 3rd - 5th grade. Lesson Plan

Crazy About Math - Put your counting skills and math abilities to work here at the park with this interesting and engaging math program. (M, H) Lesson Plan

The Birdhouse Aviary Experience - Enter into the habitat of some of the most beautiful and exotic birds on the planet and learn about them as they fly and walk around you. (E, M) Lesson Plan

Fun with Physics - Determine speed, time, distance and potential enegy on some of our most popular rides. (M, H) Lesson Plan

Recycling - Learn the ins and outs of recycling and how you can help the planet. (A) Lesson Plan

Science - The park becomes an adventure in learning as students discover the world of science around them. (A) Animal Science Lessons   Physical Science Lesson

Safari Ranch Petting Zoo - Students can meander through our petting zoo and enjoy hands-on experiences with sheep, goats, chickens, and more. (A) Lesson Plan

Tigers of India - One of the most educational and entertaining animals shows around.  Tigers of India will take you on a journey to discover the beautiful and majestic Bengal tiger and their special connection with man. (A) Lesson Plan  Click here for show times. This is a regularly scheduled park show and space is available on a first come, first served basis. Lesson Plan available soon.  



$23 plus tax, per student
Price is not available on weekends or holidays.  Click here for park days and hours of operation.

Meal Options
All You Can Eat Buffet - $8.99 plus tax, per student
Meal Voucher - $10, per student

2013 School Group Registration Form - download here.

For questions, please call 229-219-7144.


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