Mega Truck Series
Saturday August 2, 2014

Mega Trucks are the newest form of extreme motorsports and some will be on display at the concert area on Saturday, August 2!

What started as highly modified pick-up trucks with big axles and tractor tires has quickly grown into an extreme form of mud racing. These trucks are built and designed to take on the nastiest terrain, from deep mud pits, to big jumps and twisted obstacle courses. Simply put, it’s a Monster Trucks with skinny tires that play in the mud! Most of these trucks are pushing upwards of 2,000 horsepower, and driven by fearless competitors.

Entertaining families with young children to teens, the one-of-a-kind custom built trucks with names like Monster Masher, Mud Stick, Air Mundy Ram and Scram and Mudweiser, Mega Trucks’ electrifying challenges include “Hill 'N' Hole,” deep pit challenges, and obstacle courses with insane jumps.

Guests are invited to the concert area on August 2 to meet drivers, get autographs and see the trucks up close! 

The trucks and drivers visiting include:Joey Adams "Head Rush" -

Kyle Adams "Gunsmoke" -

Opie Labarbera - "Opielicious"

Randy Priest - "Mudstick"

The festivities continue with a triple-header concert starting at 6:00 PM.  Sarah Ross performs at 6:00 PM, The LACS at 7:00 PM and Colt Ford hits the stage at 9:00 PM.

This special presentation and the night's concerts are FREE with a Season Pass or park admission.  SAVE $10 on admission when you buy tickets online in advance.

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*All performers and dates are subject to change due to circumstances beyond the park’s control.



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2 of the 14 all-star concerts have been announced!  All concerts are FREE with your 2015 Season Pass!2 of the 14 all-star concerts have been announced!  All concerts are FREE with your 2015 Season Pass!



2 of the 14 all-star concerts for 2015 
have been announced! Full concert 
lineup released in February.

Buy in advance online and save $10Save $10 when you buy online in advance



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