Thomson Gazelle

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Eudorcas thomsonii

Often called a “Tommie,” the Thomson gazelle is the most well-known of the gazelle species. They are predominately found in the African savannas and grasslands, specifically the Serengeti region of Kenya and Tanzania.  The Thomson gazelle has a light brown coat with a distinguishing black stripe.  They are white on the underside of its body and have long horns which curve backward.  Female gazelles travel in herds through male territories where they are courted by the males. The Thomson gazelle differs from other similar species because it can give birth twice a year, rather than once with a gestation of 5-6 months.

HABITATAfrica's savannas and grasslands, particularly the Serengeti region of Kenya and Tanzania
WEIGHTMale: 37-64 lbs Females: 29-53 lbs
HEIGHT21-26 in at the shoulder
DIETHerbivore: grasses, seeds, shrubs

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