Sable Antelope

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Hippotragus niger

The Sable antelope is a large, well-built, animal sometimes weighing more than 600 pounds. The short, glossy coat of the male antelope tends to be black, while the female's coat is generally a lighter chestnut color. These antelope exhibit distinctive white markings on their face, chests, bellies and inner legs.  Their preferred habitat is lightly wooded areas with a mixture of trees, bushes and grass and a permanent source of water.  Sable antelopes are social animals and will roam in herds of one mature breeding male and a number of adult females and calves. In the dry season, these herds will sometimes form loose groups containing up to 200 individuals.  Bachelor males travel together in smaller herds.

The Sable antelope provides for a challenging prey with its size, massive horns, and fighting ability.  While very capable of defending itself against predators such as lions, leopards, and hyenas, this antelope’s first response to a threat is to run, rather than fight. Despite its size, the Sable antelope is capable of reaching speeds of up to 35 miles per hour.

HABITATWooded savannah regions of Africa
WEIGHT420-595 lbs
HEIGHT4-5 ft
DIETGrasses, herbs, and foilage

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