SCIENTIFIC NAME: Damaliscus pygargus phillipsi

Blesbok are meduim-sized antelope with short, fairly straight, ringed horns carried by both males and females. The word “blesbok” is derived from the words for “blazed antelope,” which refers to the white blaze found on this animal’s face.  Blesbok have a brown neck and back, a white blaze on their muzzle, and small dash of white between their horns.  In the wild, they exist in small herds of females and young.  Males hold and defend territories through which these herds pass. Blesbok prefer grasslands and open plains near a permanent source of water.  The Blesbok are most active during the early morning and late afternoon. In very hot weather, they may stand facing the sun with their heads down.  When spooked, the Blesbok initiate a sharp snorting alarm call.

HABITATSouth Africa; prefers open grassland with water
WEIGHT121-176 lbs
HEIGHT2.8-3.3 ft at the shoulder
MATING2-4 years
GESTATION7.5-8.5 months
YOUNG1 per birth
DIETHerbivorous; Grasses, forbs, and browse
LIFE SPAN15-17 years

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