Greater Kudu

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Tragelaphus strepsiceros

The greater kudu is the second largest of all antelopes and can be found in the woodlands throughout eastern and southern Africa. They are among the most beautiful of the antelopes with slender bodies, long legs, and red/brown or grayish colored coats.  A male greater kudo displays a mane which runs down its throat and horns that which will have twisted twice after they have reached six years of age. The males which can weigh between 419-595 lbs are noticeably larger than the females which weigh from 265 to 463 lbs. The greater kudu serves as a large source of prey to most other animals within their natural region because they cannot typically outrun their predators. They often leap over shrubs and rocks to shake off their predators. Males are generally solitary, while the females mainly travel in small herds. They commonly live up to 20 years in captivity and 15 years in the wild.

HABITATWoodland antelope found throughout eastern and southern Africa. Southern parts of Kenya to Namibia,
WEIGHTMale: 419-595 lbs Female: 265-463
MATING1-3 years of age
YOUNGusually one; occassionally 2
HABITFemales travel and live in small herds
DIETGrass and leaves
LIFE SPAN20 years in captivity; 15 years in wild

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