Asian Water Buffalo

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Bubalus bubalis

The water buffalo, or Asian buffalo, spends most of its day submerged in the waters of Asia’s tropical and subtropical forests.  The water buffalo easily moves through wetlands and swamps with the help of its hoofed feet.  Submerging in water serves to keep the water buffalo cool while helping to remove skin parasites, biting flies, and other pests.  As an herbivore, its diet includes grass and leafy aquatic vegetation.  The Asian buffalo is the largest member of the Bovini tribe, which includes yak, bison, African buffalo, various species of wild cattle, and others.  At its shoulders, this buffalo is 5 to 6.2 feet tall weighs from 1800-2600 lb.  Sometimes referred to as the “living tractor of the East,” the domesticated water buffalo may be utilized for plowing and transportation in Asia.

HABITATMuddy waters of Asia’s tropical and subtropical forests. Wetlands and swamps.
WEIGHT1,500 to 2,650 lbs
HEIGHT5 to 6.2 feet
MATING2-3 years
GESTATION9-11 months
YOUNGUsually 1 per birth
DIETHerbivore; Aquatic plants, grass, and herbs
LIFE SPANUp to 25 years in captivity

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