Squirrel Monkey

Squirrel monkeys are active during the day, spending most of their time in the middle level of the forest, moving from tree to tree looking for fruits, flowers and insects. They are excellent climbers and leapers and can travel long distances through the forest running along and leaping between branches. They only come down to the group occassionally. 
Squirrel monkeys' social relationships are very complex. They live in large groups, subdivided into adult male bands, mother-and-infant bands, and juveniles, except during the mating season. Females often form a special bond with another female. The size of the groups can vary from 20 - 35 up to as many as 200 or more in some areas. They all sleep together at night, and then divide up to go and look for food.


HABITATCentral America and into South America. Preferably regions of dense, tropical forest
WEIGHT1 1/2 -2 1/2 pounds
HEIGHTHead and body length: 10-14 inches. Tail length: 14-17 inches
DIETInsects, spiders, bird eggs, young birds, fruit and nuts
LIFE SPAN15 years

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